Monday, March 31, 2008

The best noodles

Maru Ichi in Mountain View has the best ramen this side of anywhere...
Noodles made fresh daily, and the kuro ramen (seen here) is
spectacularly good.

Everything you need to know about it here!

Adventures at BioSITE today

This from Anna:

Hi all--

We had some excitement at BioSITE today -- a bee swarm took over one of our teaching sites midstream. Fortunately the facilitators did the right thing and immediately cleared themselves and the students out of the area; I then carefully went in and cleared out everyone's stuff while trying to ignore the creepiness of thousands of bees buzzing loudly around and above me (big hat, long sleeves and pants, and not allergic...). The attached picture is of the bees after they settled down into a large clump on a nearby tree branch.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nimue receives 90-book award

Tuesday was "family reading night" at school; as part of the program, the kids have been tracking how many books they read, and getting prizes at various levels. Nimue was over 90 (she has since passed 100) and therefore received two books: one which, when she is done with it, will become part of the school library (with her name inside the cover) and the other is her very own dictionary. She is very proud of it, and would point out that it is a real "word dictionary, not a picture dictionary!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Kitty likes the camera... TO EAT!

The Green Monster

Nimue with her Valentine's monster... a few weeks previous, she sketched out a monster she envisioned, and Anna turned it into reality. It really does look just like the drawing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Baylands ride with Anna and Nimue

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We took a nice long ride with the tandem this weekend, along the edge of the Bay. A KML file of the trip is at this link, suitable for viewing in Google Earth. Nimue has logged 92 miles for the month of March, as of this post, which means she's on track for at least a 100-mile month! Not bad for a five-year-old...