Sunday, January 18, 2015

Merry Christmas

Over the holidays, we visited the East Coast branches of the family.  Here are some highlights. (Sorry so late)

First, as is my habit, I insisted on having Christmas day at home.
 Linda came down for these festivities, an we enjoyed a mellow hike up at Fremont Older.
 Nimue in her new cow hat.  What other 12-year-old wants a cow hat for Christmas?
 Bright and early the next morning, we flew out to Boston and drove up to Maine.  The rental car agency gave us an entertainingly cute Beetle to drive.
 There was a bit of snow still on the ground, but it was unseasonably warm when we first got there.
 Notice I could get away with just wearing a vest. (i.e. no coat!)
 As is usual, much walking in the woods,
smiling in the woods,
sitting on rocks in the woods,
and goofing off in the woods!
 Ninja Nim in her new orange stripey scarf.
New (ish) bridge in the woods.  Chad felt compelled to scrape the last remaining bits of snow off it the first time we were out.
 Leafs in the woods.
 Scary-large woodpecker holes in the woods.
 Wuuh in the woods.
Fungus in the woods.  Notice a theme here?
 Gran taking a picture of Nim in the woods (notice you can see the kiddo on the phone).

 On our last day in Maine, we visited high point most proximate to the Towle's place.  While we enjoyed the view (look over the woods!),
the small one amused herself carving pieces of the snow up with an ice chunk.  I guess ice is a novelty if you grow up in California.
After several enjoyable days, we headed down to Rockport to visit Chad's relatives there.

One must have lobster.  Mmmm...lobster.  It came right off the boat and home into the pot.

 Happy New Year!
Roaring fires are festive.
And there are woods in Massachusetts too...
Kids in the woods.

Ice in the woods.
 Old quarry in the woods.
Big cousins in the woods.
Ma climbs a stone ruin in the woods (then has to sheepishly point out to kids that they shouldn't be compelled to follow...)

 And post woods, we of course had to enjoy Uncle Bob's bookstore.
Thank you all!