Monday, September 12, 2016

Bathroom part 2

Oh, this is slow going.  Things were held up because the counter guy didn't have an opening to come measure for a while.  Then there was another week while they were actually cutting all the pieces.

In the meantime, the tiling was finished,

the pocket door was installed (note that there is still a protective layer of paper over the full-length mirror so you can't see it),

and the bathroom and closet were painted.  This is huge, as it meant I could put my clothes away over the weekend -- hooray!  I hate living out of heaps.

Today, the countertop material, sink basin, and drawer pulls were installed.  It's really starting to look like a bathroom again.

They've also been working on the fan vent things on the roof this week, and put the special UV-resistant goop on over the foam patches.

Now, we *might* get the plumbing and toilet finished in the next day or two and maybe the remaining electrical, but then have to wait for the shower glass people -- they don't have an opening to come make the measurements until next week, and then will need some amount of time to cut the glass before they can install it.   Patience is a virtue, right...