Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It's definitely spring here -- about 85 degrees and sunny, sunny, sunny when Chad and I rode out to Pescadero over the weekend.  No pictures of that (too busy trying to squeeze the ride into the time window encompassed by Nim's computer class), but I do have photographic evidence of spring-like conditions seen while mountain biking at Coe earlier in the week.

I was impressed that the microscope app on my phone took decent pictures of teeny-tiny flowers.  This filaree blossom was less than 1/4 inch across,

as were the butter-and-eggs,

and of course, the ladybug.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Family hike

I dragged everyone out for a short hike at Rancho San Antonio a couple of weekends ago.  We saw many and varied interesting things:


View (trail, bay, and Mt. Diablo in the background)
View (NASA Ames)

View (San Jose and Mt. Hamilton)

View (rainbow over the expensive houses)

Many, many California newts

Followed by a very predictable result


Though some parts of the country are still in the throes of winter, that is not the case here...so I've been riding.  Guess where I rode (from home) last week:
That ride was followed up by a climb up Hamilton the following day.  Not bad for early-season riding!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Also forgot the chalkbag

Nimue thought her climbing chalk bag was ugly, so I made it into a monster.  Its LED eyes blink randomly, and lots of people have noticed it at the gym.  (the chalk bag hangs off the back of her harness and blinks down at everyone below; there is a hole in the top of its head for her to reach in to get chalk to dry off her hands)

Forgotten Valentines

I forgot to post these tasty Valentine's Day treats

Chad 3-D printed a miniature version of a cubesat.  I made a mold from it out of food-safe silicone, and then made peanut-butter-filled chocolate cubesats on sticks.

Yes, we are weird.