Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photos from ski week

An slight variation on ski week this year 

First two days:  Warm and dry.  Mountain biking (in shorts!) down at Bullard's Bar Reservoir for me and Chad; cake pops and craft projects for the kiddo and Linda.

Tuesday:  Snowstorm!  Work, reading, and snow walks.

Wednesday:  Ski day at Yuba Pass.  Growing kiddo fits the same cross country boots and skis that I sometimes use!  Scary. (I was on my heavier A/T gear so Chad and I could take turns going up and down the bigger hill)

Also amusing trucksicles.  (not for human consumption)

Thursday: Drive to Donner Lake to meet Stephan's family for dinner.

Friday, Saturday:  Downhill skiing.  Yay!  I enjoyed the moguls, Nimue graduated to lesson level 4 (mostly black terrain) and scraped her way down her first double black in the trees, and Chad got very sore legs from skiing the hard way (telemark).

Kitties were glad to see us when we made it back home.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Nimue is in a Valentine-y mood.  Happy Day, all!  We're thinking of you.

In other news, the weather definitely thinks it is not winter any more.  Nim and I had a lovely ride from Santa Cruz to and around Wilder Ranch on Saturday while Chad was on a long ride with his weekend ride crew.  She's at the point where a 25 mile mostly flat ride is easily within her capabilities -- at least when there is a bakery stop at the end.  Mmmm...pastries at the Buttery.

Another sign of warmth:  While riding up a hill in the Santa Cruz Mountains this morning, I came around the corner to see a naked guy working on his Volkswagen in the sunshine in his driveway. (Not pictured...)  Clearly, spring has arrived!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Downieville weekend

Belated, but finally up:
We spent the three day weekend last month at Linda's, pruning the apple tree, fixing a few things around the house, and getting a few backcountry ski turns in.  Chad figured out how to put together a video from the footage off of his helmet cam for all to enjoy.

In other January fun, we've found some mud,

hiked a bit,

made bagels, (after reading about them on my friend Di's blog)

and gotten a new toy (belated anniversary gift).

Anyone know what that latter object is?  Heh heh heh.  Now I need to learn to make music on it (as opposed to noise)!