Friday, June 13, 2008


Nimue met these young chickens during a gathering at a friend's house... Nimue followed the chicks around the yard very patiently and quietly, getting closer and closer with the intent of touching them. Pretty soon, she had accomplished her goal (although the darker-colored bird was pretty skittish.) Meanwhile, the rest of the folks had sat around the patio to eat dinner. Nimue came over to join us, and in five minutes all the birds followed her! This was not part of their normal routine -- everyone was most surprised. The birds entertained us for a long time as they scrabbled around the patio looking for crumbs, and being experimentally fed with all manner of tasty leftover tidbits. The birds seemed satisfied and wandered off while we chatted.

Then, quite unexpectedly, they snuck up from behind and one after another jumped right up in Nimue's lap, made themselves comfortable, and got ready for bed!

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