Monday, September 29, 2008

Actual positions of the Libertine

As Chad gives his positions, I'm updating this map -- so check back later for further progress...

From North to South, and then East, the blue outbound points are:
--10am 9/26/08 departure from Oyster Point
--8pm 9/27/08 sleep at Stillwater Cove
--morning 9/29/09 pass Morro Bay
--afternoon/evening 9/29/08 lunch and beer and sleep at Port San Luis
--5pm 9/30/08 to 10/1/08 sleep and explore Cuyler Cove, San Miguel Island
--10/2/08, Ford Point, Santa Rosa Island
--10/3/08 Painted Cave, Santa Cruz Island
--10/3/08 to 10/4/08 sleep and explore Cueva Valdez, Santa Cruz Island
--10/4/08 chased by wind to Smuggler's Cove, Santa Cruz Island

from South to North, the pink inbound points are:
--evening 10/5/08 Santa Barbara
--10/8/08 Port San Luis
--10/11/08 San Simeon

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The planned route is on the map below, and the expected return date is around 10/15/08.

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