Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dead electronics

A big tree fell in our neighborhood earlier in the week, as a result of the winds and rain we had... Anna was home at the time, and heard the CRACK of it falling... The power browned out for a few minutes, before finally going out entirely.

The incident seems to have killed off our cordless phone's base station, as well as my networked hard drive. Both devices were, I thought, plugged in to a surge protector, so I'm a bit surprised. I guess I will have to review and reconfigure the electrical devices in our office now.

Nimue's piano teacher was on her way over here just at the time the power went out - in the confusion, we think she must have rung the doorbell (which of course was out with the power) and, not getting a response, left. The layout of our house is such that the doorbell pushbutton is located way out by the street - knocking can't be heard from out there. Thus, I'm wondering if I need to come up with some kind of Rube Goldberg mechanical doorbell device!

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