Monday, February 8, 2010

What are you doing? Medication?

Nimue, like most kids, has a way of sensing when her parents are at an energy low. In this case, Chad is out of town for work and I took a fairly substantial bike ride earlier in the day, leaving me at a substantial caloric deficit and feeling a bit creaky. Because she is a perceptive peep, Nimue saw the parental weakness and decided to be absolutely cheerfully insane at dinner tonight. Nothing too horrible -- just the high energy, motor-mouthed, fast-moving, clever, silly bantering self that she is when she decides to be. I however, just wanted to splat on the couch and read a book, which made dinner seem endless.

Just as she was clearing her dishes and escape seemed imminent, she demonstrated her patented "Crazo Karate Chop" ... with the milk cup she was clearing still in her hand. All I could do is close my eyes and sigh, at which point she asked "What are you doing? Medication?"

Those words misremembered by one letter. Kids are funny.

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