Monday, April 12, 2010

More Fun on the Tandem

On Saturday, Nimue and I did the Cinderella Classic metric century over in the East Bay. We were strong, passing many people, and got to explore some nice little roads through the still-green hills that I'd never been on before. Nim was good, though her main comment about the adventure was something along the lines of "We rode too fast, Mommy, and it made me cold!" Over the course of the ride she stole all my extra warm layers and put them on on top of all her layers -- by the end, she was wearing an undershirt, a jersey, a wool sweater, her windbreaker, my fleece layer, and my windbreaker! I on the other hand, was working hard enough to be plenty warm in just my jersey. Despite the fact that I could clearly feel Nimue's effort on the bike, she still had enough energy to be goofy at lunch, and ran around the yard like a mad thing after we got home.

66 miles and a couple thousand feet of gentle climbing

Because this was a females-only ride, Chad got to do the epic jolly 100 mile loop over and around Mt. Hamilton instead. Details may be forthcoming...

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