Monday, August 30, 2010


Before we move on to a new month, here's the remains of August. We spent a fine week up in Downieville, doing among other things:

Fence Painting.
Linda's picket fence now has a fresh coat of pale yellow paint (approved by Nim!), and no one destroyed anything in the process. Amazing.

Chad gave Nimue a fishing pole for her birthday, and fortuitously, the river in Downieville had just been restocked with rainbow trout. They spent several evenings down at the river, and came home with dinner. Yum :)

Mountain biking.
Of course, Chad and I escaped up to the trails. Without going into the gory details, I've concluded that the trails in the Lakes Basin are full of sharp gnashing rocky teeth just waiting to swallow the hapless cyclist (note that they are hiding in the top picture above; this trail heading to Mt. Elwell may look benign as pictured, but trust me, it was evil evil evil.) I basically took my bike for a hike that day. By contrast the trails near Forest (lower picture) were all that one could hope for -- rideable, fun, and scenic singletrack. Most of the trails here were built by mountain bikers, and it definitely shows. We may have to go volunteer to help them build trails sometime when we're up there.

Plumas-Sierra County Fair.
We took Nim to a good old-fashioned county fair where she got to enjoy animals, log-sawing with Chad, rides, snacks that turned all of our tongues blue, and a hay-bale maze. Fun was had by all, followed by a fine dinner out at Packer Lake.

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