Monday, March 5, 2012


Not only have I made it out to recreate in the local open space preserves three times in the last week, but two of those outings involved relatively close-range helicopter sightings.  Odd.

Helicopter presumably doing water drop training/practice, as evidenced by the big bucket it kept carrying as it circled Lexington Reservoir.  I saw this one as I was riding my commute bike through Sierra Azul (a delightful form of self-torture given the oh-so-steep grades on Kennedy trail).

And this medevac helicopter that Nimue and I watched land up at Montebello while we were waiting for Chad to arrive on his bike, wondering if he was held up on the trail by the evacuation procedure.  (We've figured out a weekend outing scheme whereby one of the adults rides their bike up the ridge in some interesting manner while the other adult drives up with Nimue, followed by a family hike or bike ride together, followed by the first parent driving Nimue home while the second gets their turn for a "real" ride.)  It was pretty entertaining watching this one land; I just hope the person they transported out is ok.

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