Friday, April 6, 2012

Who Did You Bite??

I came home the other day to find thick gooey bloodstains on the carpet.  (Cat toy included for scale)

Hmmm.  A grisly feline offense, perhaps?  The two cats don't get along, so my first thought was to check out victim kitty (aka Mariam).

No sore spots.

Check out the Bobber:  also no sore spots.  Nothing else out of place.
A closer look at evil kitty revealed some tell-tale spots on her fur under her chin that she was unable to clean off.  Aha -- evil kitty is indeed the perpetrator.

But who did she bite?

I've been waiting all week for the other shoe to drop.  Mariam hasn't shown any signs of being bitten.  One fears some hapless small critter snuck in through the garage when we weren't looking, only to be met by compulsive Fang-O Bobber.  Something will start to smell.

I ran the roomba, even though I feared it would drag some small carcass out from under the couch by its mangled foot.  Nothing.

Days later, there is still no reek.  Maybe she ate it wholesale?  A mystery, and Bobber's not telling.

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