Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things that happen when jet-lagged

Coming off the trip to France, we're naturally a bit jet-lagged.  We're all coping differently:  Chad actually sleeps, and Nim wakes up early to read, and then is cheerful for the rest of the day.  In my insomniac world, my body tries to be awake in both time zones.  This leads to general fuzziness when said time zones are nine hours apart.

Some of the high- and low-lights of jet-lag recovery are below.  I'll let you decide which ones are The Good, which ones are The Bad, and which ones are, in Nimue's words "The Ferret" (yes, that only makes sense if you were present for the conversation, and is probably only funny if you are silly-sleepy -- but trust me, you don't want to offend the ferret by implying ugliness):

Being up to watch the Tour live broadcasts for the interesting mountain stages

Leaving the house at 4am to ride up Page Mill to see the sunrise from the ridge.

Having one's spouse (who had appeared to be completely asleep) hand one a headlight when heading out the door at 4am.

Caffeine withdrawal.  All too easy to get re-addicted while traveling.  Cold turkey back to the decaf at home.

Accidentally hitting the library as people were lining their small children up for a kid event.  Just wanted to get out without stepping on any of the toddlers anting about randomly in front of the door. (mostly, but not completely successful)

Remembering that you have to have something in the house to cook if you want to eat.

Feline love.  Feline drool.  Feline yowls.  Felines constantly following peoples around the house.  (cats missed us)

Picking apricots while lacking alertness to properly judge the appropriate quantity.  Drying, blanching and freezing, and pureeing apricots ever since.   Sticky, sticky kitchen.  (Unpacking won't mold if neglected for a couple of days, soft fruit will)

And of course, we still need to unpack the rest of the way and sort through all the photos so that you all might have some chance of hearing about the trip itself.  More on that later, though things will be busy this week with Chad's birthday and my mom visiting...

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