Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walk and Roll in the Rain

Every month, as part of the Walk and Roll to School program, I put up a new set of Burma-Shave-style signs along the fences on the way into Nim's school.  This month's signs, as the weather is changing:

Rain is coming
We are tough
Put on your coats
Strut your stuff!

Walk and Roll to School

I was heartened today to see that despite the rain pouring down, there were still pedestrians and cyclists streaming toward the school.  The self-propelled population has really increased over the last couple of years.  By and large, people looked pretty cheery -- kids seemed to be finding great novelty in their umbrellas, rubber boots, raincoats, and the like; parents were still smiling and greeting each other despite the spray.  A little rain is Not Really a Big Deal if you have a coat and the right mindset.

And we didn't even have to resort to the rude version of the signs that Nimue wanted to make:

Rain is coming
Please be tough
Stop your whining
Get off your duff!

On my way back to the house, I amused myself observing the commute cyclists on their way to work.  Some of them were in full storm gear, others just a jacket and extra lights.  One had a plastic garbage sack, one was in shorts.   (I guess your clothes don't get wet if you are not wearing them.)   Recumbent trailer dad gets the toughness award, in my book.

On the last approach to the house, there was one more very fit, yet relaxed-looking cyclist with a bright headlight and a cheery blue jacket -- after a moment I realized he was my trusty spouse heading off to work.  He wins the "Rain?  What rain?" award  due to the aura of sheer mellowness that surrounded him as the traffic splashed by  :)

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