Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Yesterday was Christmas, and Ma asked me to write a post about it, so here goes:

For Christmas, Grandma Linda came down to visit us and share the holiday cheer :) .  Of course that is exciting for everyone, because grandmas are like that.

Lots of gifts were exchanged, the best one, I think, was a pair of overalls for me. I've been wanting overalls for a REALLY long time.  Some other memorable gifts are:

  • A bike stand for Daddy
  • A pair of awesome earrings for Ma that I made
  • A stripy sweater for me
  • A pair of fancy bike shoes for Ma
  • My school photograph for Grandma Linda
  • Adventure food for all of us
  • The LEGO 4x4 Crawler, given to me by Santa Claus
  • Fancy cat food/treats for the cats
  • More iPad games for all of us

Tomorrow we are heading up to Gramma Eileen and Grampa Jack's house to visit relatives there.

Merry Christmas!

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