Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photos from ski week

An slight variation on ski week this year 

First two days:  Warm and dry.  Mountain biking (in shorts!) down at Bullard's Bar Reservoir for me and Chad; cake pops and craft projects for the kiddo and Linda.

Tuesday:  Snowstorm!  Work, reading, and snow walks.

Wednesday:  Ski day at Yuba Pass.  Growing kiddo fits the same cross country boots and skis that I sometimes use!  Scary. (I was on my heavier A/T gear so Chad and I could take turns going up and down the bigger hill)

Also amusing trucksicles.  (not for human consumption)

Thursday: Drive to Donner Lake to meet Stephan's family for dinner.

Friday, Saturday:  Downhill skiing.  Yay!  I enjoyed the moguls, Nimue graduated to lesson level 4 (mostly black terrain) and scraped her way down her first double black in the trees, and Chad got very sore legs from skiing the hard way (telemark).

Kitties were glad to see us when we made it back home.

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