Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Gift

Nimue wrote me a story for my birthday.  I thought you'd all enjoy it.

The Gift
A while ago, when the world was mostly untouched, there was a little cat named Eumin. He was a gray kitty, with big green eyes and speckled whiskers. He loved to run about the meadows and chase butterflies.
But one day Eumin met another cat in the meadows.She was a lovely orange tabby with bright blue eyes. Her name was Ymmom. Eumin thought that she was the most wonderful cat in the world.
And so the two cats became friends. Ymmom taught Eumin how to catch mice and Eumin showed Ymmom how to catch fish. They were happy living together for many months.
Some time later Eumin realized that Ymmom’s birthday was very soon and that he did not have a present for her. He knew she liked bicycles, but he did not have enough money for a bicycle. He knew she liked chocolate, but he didn’t where to get any chocolate. He knew she liked cheese too, but he didn’t have enough time to make cheese. It seemed liked Eumin could do nothing for his friend.
Eumin decided to take a walk in the meadow to clear his mind. As he strolled around, he noticed a daisy was open to the sun’s light. This gave him an idea. a wonderful, fabulous, amazing idea.
On Ymmom’s birthday, Eumin watched her open beautifully wrapped packages. Finally it was his turn. He presented his gift without twitching a whisker. Ymmom was delighted. Eumin had picked a beautiful daisy just for her. She took out her favorite vase and filled it with water. Then she set the flower delicately inside it.
Of all Ymmom’s presents, Eumin’s daisy was her favorite. The two cats are still best friends, and they love each other as much as I love you.

By Nimue    For Mommy’s 42nd birthday, with love

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