Thursday, May 16, 2013

The stove is possessed

Yesterday, I tried to turn the most-often-used burner on the stove on, and nothing happened.


I leave a note for Chad to look at it when he gets home while I am out.  Stove turned on for him.

Check it again this morning.  Stove won't turn on for me.  Unfair.

It doesn't like me.  I give it attention every day, bathe it in overboiled pasta water, decorate it with spills of many colors, massage it with pots and pans, and occasionally clean it.  And this is what I get.  So underappreciated.

Must have spouse perform stoval lobotomy and replace the main board.

He wants to make a Frankenstove.  Might be easier to just buy a replacement board.  Not sure I want a stove that can tweet its status to the world at large.

Thought:  oven was on when Chad turned stove on.  Hmmm.

Try to turn stove on >> stove doesn't work
Turn oven on first and then try to turn stove on >> stove turns on

Woo hoo.

More experimenting leads to this procedure:
Turn oven on
Turn stove burner on to desired heat
Immediately turn oven off and go on your merry cooking way.  You can turn the heat down on the burner, but if you want to turn it up, you have to turn the oven back on.

Pretty soon I'll be doing a complicated stove dance before cooking.

Clearly some flakiness in the electronics.

Have threatened stove with Frankenstove treatment if it gets any worse.

And I mean it.  Stove, are you listening?

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