Thursday, July 11, 2013

Note on the mountain bike for Chad

Stupid thing kept sucking the chain into the gap between the chainstay and the front chainrings every time I put any real power into it.  For example, any time I wanted to go uphill.

Three forward pedal strokes, bad noise, one pedal stroke backwards to untangle, four strokes forward, clunk! stuck, one pedal stroke backwards, three strokes forward, argh stuck stop, five strokes forward, bad noise, one stroke backwards...

Throughout 2700 feet of climbing.  Bike seemed to know to misbehave right in corners, looser sections, and when I was tired.  Interesting challenge trying to time the backward strokes to untangle the chain before it got fully stuck without losing momentum while going uphill.

Resistant to all attempted derailleur adjustments.  Argh.  At least Chad will derive some amusement by the note I left on it.

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