Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disappearing Sidewalk

You may notice some innocuous-looking white spray paint marks on the sidewalk in front of our driveway.  Or maybe not.  They've been there for almost a year.  So long that I decided that they didn't mean anything after all.

However, this afternoon, there was a knock on the door.  "We're going to tear apart the sidewalk in front of your house and pour new concrete tomorrow.  You might want to move your truck."

Of course I don't want my truck to be stuck in the driveway all weekend. I moved it down the street.  Not sure what they would have done if I hadn't been home.  Not sure why they didn't leave a notice a few days in advance.

After an hour or so, a cute little Bobcat with a jackhammer attachment on the front showed up.

It made short work of the sidewalk, in large chunks,

which it then drove down the street

and dumped in the big truck.

It was interesting to see that it really only took a couple of seconds of hammering in just the right place

to pop up a big rectangle of sidewalk

which could then be balanced on top of the arm to take to the truck.

The driver dude was really quite skilled.

Once the sidewalk was gone, on could see all the magnolia roots that were near the surface under it.  "You have anacondas here," said the driver when I came out the garage door.

I walked down the street to intercept Nimue coming home from school at that point, so that she knew to go up the neighbors' driveway and under our peach tree to get around this:

An hour later, the poor guy is still working on digging out all the anacondas.

Being a good spouse, I did send Chad a note to warn him not to try to ride his bike up the driveway in the dark on the way home from work tonight, lest he be eaten by the new hole.  

Incidentally, the treehouse provides a nice place from which to spy on the proceedings.

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