Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Last thoughts from New Zealand

Can you tell I'm in a rush to get these all done?  It's a brave effort to get enough pictures up before we head out to visit Linda so we have pictures to talk about :)

Here are a few last thoughts from the NZ portion of our trip, in no particular order.

Welcome to Middle Earth.  We pretty much avoided the touristy Lord of the Rings stuff, except for the unavoidable statue at the airport.  It was pretty clear why the locations were good for that particular set of movies, though.

An honest-to-goodness pay phone that I made a toll-free call from to summon the rental car shuttle. (I could have used my cell, which worked and gave me free data all over the country, but I couldn't resist the now-retro method.)

Nimue is the huggiest kid in the universe!

Nice scenery everywhere.

We spent the whole trip joking about "Concealed Fish Hooks".

Chad coveted every single little camper van.

Nimue likes sheep.  We got a note from the B&B owner that the pregnant one had her lambs shortly after we left.

Sometimes paying for the zipline activity is just worth it.  Kiddo's eyes glowed afterwards.

Family hikes are good.

 Visual interest is also found in the details.

 Always have bread, sausage, and cheese on hand.

 Maori art is cool.
 Mmmmm, silly cider and local satumas.

And the most interesting, most complex, yummiest cider in the known universe.

 Almost-12-year-olds are fun to be with.

 Chad always finds a bike shop.

And did I mention more scenery?

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