Tuesday, June 9, 2015


It's been the busy end-of-school-year time, compounded by the fact that Chad and I are fitting as much riding in as we can so we will be ready for RAMROD later in the summer.  Here are a few highlights (at least those that left photographic evidence on my phone...)

Dangerous feeding of coffee to the kid

 Various garage projects.  I no longer remember what Chad was grinding, but the sparks were impressive.

 I replaced all the rotted-out termite-infested boards along the back beds with new redwood.  You wouldn't think it would be that hard to take out the old boards and drop new ones in....

 Mountain biking mud.  It actually rained a bit, finally.

 Goofy kid at band concert(s) last week.

 Example of the main distraction lately -- this is a 100+ mile loop to the coast that Chad and I did over the weekend.  Quite deceptively, the hardest part of this ride was in the flat section, as it was into a pretty stiff headwind.  The hills were friendly by comparison, despite the 10,000 feet of climbing :)

Expect continued distraction and pathetic communication over the next couple of months.

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