Friday, June 10, 2016

Cook little pot, cook!

I managed to harvest apricots before the squirrels ravaged them too badly this year.  They're pretty fragile, so once you pick them, you need to do something with them fast.  I figured I'd cook them slightly to soften the skin, puree them, and freeze for later use.  There was quite a bit of fruit, so I got out the big stockpot.

The pot spilleth over.  31lb of fruit is TOO MUCH for the pot that is ridiculously large for everything else.

I wisely chose to do multiple smaller batches.  Pictured is about 1/6 of the puree.  Sticky goo everywhere.

My brilliant plan to just freeze and defer any decisions was thwarted by the fact that I ran out of containers in which to freeze it, so I had to start drying the goo that wouldn't fit.  Now the whole house is perfumed with the scent of apricots, but I still have many, many more sheets to dry...

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