Monday, August 15, 2016

Other summer fun

On this, the first official day of school, I finally took the time to slurp the rest of the summer pictures into the computer from various devices.  Here are some highlights:

Camping with crazy kids.

Watching the Tour de France using the cat as an ipad rest.

Consorting with dinosaurs.

Visiting relatives.

A trip to San Francisco that seemed largely like an excuse ride the train and eat.  (We did also see a museum and do some shopping/people watching.)

Room cleaning (and painting), followed by much sorting of crayons.  Nim carefully kept one of each color, and then made a bag of remainders to donate, complete with itemized list of how many of each it contained.  (Yes, a touch OCD this one is.)  Note the newly light gray wall in the background is a great improvement over the old yellow.

Last but not least, birthday cakes.

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