Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

 I love watching the Halloween pumpkins evolve.

Nim did some evolving this week too, with her new haircut.

She manages to look much more edgy than I ever do.  It's a good cut, despite only costing $12 at the independent local haircut place downtown.

We were invited over to Todd and Sarah's for Thanksgiving this year, leaving us free to goof off and ride our bikes earlier in the day.  Since Nim was seeming strong I suggested Mt. Hamilton.


Hamilton is about a 4500 foot climb.  Kiddo wanted to ride under her own power rather than on the tandem.  We opted to drop Chad off at the base of the hill, and she and I started at Joe Grant County Park, about a third of the way up, as she really wanted to make it up to the top and figured that a mere 3000 feet of climbing might be feasible :)

Cheery kid at the start.

Tired, but still cheery kid reinflating her energy with cookies from the vending machine at the top.  Despite going into death march mode and gritting out the last mile on sheer determination, she made it up, and was an entertaining person for me to talk to all the way up (i.e. goofy and interesting rather than complaining).  Yay kiddo!

Later that evening, she ran around maniacally with Todd and Sarah's kids and still had the inclination to give Chad a hug :)  A big turkey dinner and multiple pieces of pie must have helped.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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