Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Escalation of Squirrel Evil

The squirrels around here learned to eat citrus this year.  Slowly, the oranges disappeared off the tree; we could watch the partially-eaten ones on the yard or the ground disappear over the course of a few days.  Bad, bad new trick.   I had hoped it would end there.  Squirrels wouldn't possibly eat lemons, right?  I have a lovely Meyer lemon tree which up until now, has always been covered with fruit.  All I need to do when I need a lemon is go out and pick one, and one year's crop keeps on the tree and lasts until the next year's crop is ready.

Not so any more.  I went outside today and spotted the evidence.  The squirrels don't seem to be able to actually *pick* the lemons, so they are gnawing them right off the tree.

Evil.  I suspect I'll just have to go pick them all and freeze the zest and juice.

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