Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun with AT&T billing!

Trying to make sure my old phone service is actually disconnected, I had to go through 4 entities (the first one was a computer) and provide my phone number each time... was told I would receive my "Final Initial" bill shortly. Now, just what the heck is *that*? Final means last, initial means first, presumably of several... "I'm just reading it off the screen, sir" says the polite fellow on the line.

They can't tell me whether my close-out bill will be sent electronically or in the mail... and I get two different amounts from two different people.

How much inefficiency can one (mega-corporate-behemoth) company withstand? The very first person I spoke with should have been able to answer my pretty simple question.

I really wasn't on hold all that long, and the call still took 27 minutes.

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