Friday, August 1, 2008

Catching up

We've been so busy lately, that we have had no time to post to the blog; I have a big backlog of photos and stories, and hopefully I'll have a chance to put some of them up tonight or this weekend. To summarize what we've been up to:

- Anna's mother, Eileen, came to visit
- We went camping with family and friends at the Lakes Basin in Sierra County
- We all drove up to Castle Rock, WA to visit Anna's parents, brother Joe's family, and attend the Shinner family picnic
- Chad then flew from Portland out to Dallas for a business trip, then home to Sunnyvale
- Anna and Nimue drove home, arriving Thursday night

Chad has a trip out to Houston this Monday and Tuesday; Nimue has Sports Camp all this coming week; and from the 13th - 25th we'll be in Honolulu -- Chad has a work meeting, and we'll take advantage of the opportunity.

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