Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greetings from the North Shore

We're happily relaxing on Oahu's laid-back North Shore.

Nimue has been having some excellent kid-fun -- she got to learn how to make a lei this morning, in Waimea canyon, where we strolled through an amazing area of tropical plants, cultivated from all over the world, and saw a nice waterfall... then we went to a nice little beach at Shark's Cove, where we found colorful fish to watch, close enough to the beach that Nimue could go look at them with us! It's protected by a reef, and is small; there were only a few (friendly) people there, the coral sand was delightful, the water warm.

Yesterday, we woke at 4:30 to get ready and go to the airport, arriving around 11:30 in Honolulu. After picking up a car, we drove out here, to Turtle Bay where we are renting a nice condo adjacent to a huge golf course. If we played golf, it would be exceedingly convenient! There's a nice beach we can walk to, as well as pools, and plenty to see and do pretty close by.

There are fruit stands, and shrimp shacks, along the side of the road. We haven't tried the shimp yet, but did pick up a pineapple this afternoon. The lady asked if we wanted it cut -- and proceeded to peel and slice it with a big, curved knife, with what was obviously many, many years' practice. It was perfectly ripe, and delicious.

More reports to follow...

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