Monday, December 15, 2008

Bright and Shiny Morning

Yesterday winter finally arrived here, in the form of a nasty driving wet rain, so we stayed inside. This morning, however, we had to venture out to go to school, so I got Nimue all bundled up in her storm gear and we headed out into the wet on our bikes. To my great surprise, it was gorgeous: though the road was wet and the horizon was engulfed by threatening gray clouds, the sky above us was full of patches of bright blue sky and poofy white cartoon clouds. As we rode to school, we enjoyed the contrast between the blue sky, the remaining brightly colored fall foliage against the dark clouds, and the bright sunshine -- and then a rainbow started to appear in front of us. By the time we made it to school, it spanned the whole sky and was about as brilliant a rainbow as I've ever seen. Gave us a wonderful sense of well-being for the morning :)

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