Friday, December 5, 2008

Everyone Needs an Underpants Egg

Nimue's dresser was the pit of chaos that we attacked this week -- between having too many clothes, outgrown clothes, and a systematic pattern on her part of just stuffing things in haphazardly, the drawers were getting hard to close, and it was hard to find things. Upon starting the underwear drawer, we found this object:

Me: "What's that?"
Nim: "An egg"
Me: "Let's take it out of the drawer"
Nim: "NOOOOOO! You can't do that!!!!"
Me: "Why not?"
Nim: "It's my underpants egg!"
Me: "Underpants egg?"
Nim: "So that whenever I can't find a pair, I can just feel around until I find the egg."

Clever solution for those sad Monday mornings when one can never find the critical item.

1 comment:

Di said...

How funny. =) I think we could use a few underpants eggs around here, too. And maybe some socks eggs, too. =)