Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Six Blue Shirts

So anyone who has seen me knows I have mutant shoulders. Giant mutant shoulders that make finding shirts that simultaneously fit both my shoulders and the rest of me difficult.

Note: I like my mutant shoulders. My reach is extended, they balance other parts of my body, and there are many backpack positions available.

Back to the shirts. I received six knit shirts from various parties for Christmas. Six lovely blue shirts. (Well, one of them was green, but the phrase "Five Blue Shirts Plus a Green Rogue" didn't have quite the same ring to it... or maybe it does.) Five slightly different shades of blue, but the shirt pile in the closet is now rather monochromatic.

Don't get me wrong -- I like blue shirts. I quite like all of these blue shirts. Now there are plenty to last for years.

As parties in the know know I wear size medium to fit my mutant shoulders, I could actually move my arms in each and every one of them. Yay! However, it seems that every year, the mid-section of the size medium shirts in stores gets a bit bigger, leaving a perfectly fitting shirt through the shoulders billowing in the wind everywhere else.

As there is finally a properly functioning sewing machine in the house, there was a happy solution -- I had an entertaining and oddly satisfying morning taking in and reshaping said blue shirts until they fit. Cozy, comfy, soft, cottony, me-shaped shirts :) The flexible new LED light attached to the top of the machine made it much easier to see what I was doing too. Thank you all.

(Yes, the weirdest group thank you note ever...)

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Di said...

My sewing machine works. Or at least I assume it still does. But it's buried under a thick layer of dust at the moment. (At least I put the cover on it the last time I used it.) I have a similar problem. If I buy shirts that fit through the bust, they're invariably way too big through the waist. Argh.