Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sun Came Out

After a week of wet muck, the sun finally came out this weekend, leading us to goof off...

Chad went on an insano 3-hill ride over to Santa Cruz on Saturday with some buddies from work, while Nimue and I rode the tandem up to Rancho San Antonio to go on a hike. After we all got home, I took off on another bike ride so as to equalize the amount of tired legs we were all feeling. (Of course, Nimue bounced right back after dinner and zinged around the house like a mad thing while the parents lay splatto on the couch)

Today, after a leisurely morning spent eating waffles, we all headed out on a ride up Stevens Canyon, with Nim and Chad on the tandem while I got to frisk around them on my good bike (which incidently no longer squeaks since Chad replaced the front wheel bearings -- yay!). There is a lot of water still pouring off the hill from last week, which made riding along the creek pretty entertaining. After riding about 20 miles, we ended up at Stephan's house for Sabi's birthday party. Cake at that point was very very good.

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