Thursday, November 24, 2011

We ate the photographic evidence

2011 Thanksgiving menu:

Caramelized onion tart
Goat cheese on crackers with pickled bay capers
Bacon, avocado, and cucumber sushi (Nimue's contribution)

Main Course of excess:
Rosemary-Juniper dry-rubbbed turkey with celery acorn stuffing
Roasted potatoes with bacon cream (adapted from Sunset)
Homemade dinner rolls (with recipe from my college friend Di)
Roasted cauliflower and kale with cilantro, cumin, and sesame (adapted from Sunset0
Roasted mixed veggies with balsamic glaze
Green beans and asparagus in tarragon white sauce
Cranberry-gin sauce (Sunset recipe)

I forgot to make the gravy. Ooops.

Dessert (all baked by Sarah)
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
Chocolate pecan pie

Lots of good wine.

Hope you all enjoyed your dinner as much as we enjoyed ours. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Di said...

Wow, you guys had quite the spread! I'm glad you enjoyed the rolls and that the make-ahead option worked so well. =)