Monday, November 14, 2011

Yosemite in pictures

We took a quick trip up to Yosemite to make good use of the three-day weekend.

A bit of rain on Friday didn't stop the fun. It didn't help Nim keep her tongue in her mouth, either.

The rain in the valley did lead to a nice dusting of snow on Half Dome Saturday morning. We spent a cozy night in our tent cabin.

Nim thinks the shuttle bus is fun, despite the wait and the teeming hordes of others getting on at the same time.

Spectacular conditions for the hike up to Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls. Don't we look angelic?

Ice on the John Muir Trail, coming back down from Nevada Falls. At one point, a big bit of ice and snow slid shooting over the trail from above, down into the abyss below. Staying close to the rock face was definitely the best strategy.

Mist in the valley during our pre-brunch hike on Sunday.

Time to run back to the Ahwahnee for brunch. Mmmmm.

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