Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Well, I have a few questions for Annie, but I'll do the problem first.

Annie walked her dog 2 1/4 miles from her house to the dog park and then 3 7/8 miles around the park and back home.  How many miles did she walk?

Nimue's response:  "Well, I have a few questions for Annie, but I'll do the problem first."

This is a vast improvement over her responses the earlier questions, which involved

1) Inventing a whole backstory for why Jim might have been measuring crickets and adding their lengths together (something to do with how much his pet iguana needed to eat), and then ridiculing poor Jim for even bothering, since the iguana was going to devour them anyway.  "No, mom, really -- Isn't Jim just stupid?  Mom?   Mom?  Mom!!!  He's dumb."

2) Ranting about how the question about how far Bruce swam  going to two rafts was stupid and meaningless if you don't know what directions he swam in.  (I guess she thinks in vectors?)

3)  Commenting that the question about making hot chocolate  -- i.e. How much hot chocolate do you get when you add 1/4 cup hot chocolate mix to 7/8 cup of milk, with the textbook-expected answer of 1 and 1/8 cup -- showed a lack of knowledge of basic chemistry. (She's right; volumes of stuff you dissolve are generally not strictly additive, though of course she knows this from empirical experience rather than any deep thinking about partial molar volumes.)

Some kids who are bored by their homework just get it done quickly; mine finds ways to stretch out the agony...

And no, I didn't bother to ask what Annie needed to be interrogated about.

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