Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend fun

It is that busy time of year when school has started, but our weekend are still full of the last gasp of summer.  Here is a bit of catch-up for you all:

1.  Nim's birthday party.  We scheduled this for the first weekend after school started, so that her friends would be in town and able to come (but not yet busy with fall sports, as so many are).   Kids came over, ran around the yard solving puzzles and shooting velcro rockets at targets, learned to solder while making beetlebots with Chad, and stuffed themselves silly on cupcakes. After all of that, Nim somehow conned us into letting one of her friends spend the night.

 The birthday hut.
 Kids solving puzzles in the hut
 Robot construction
Beetlebots.  When you turn them on, they move forward until one of the antennae bumps into something, which then leads the little guy to change direction.

2.  Nimue and Ma's adventures close to home while Chad is in WA for a wedding (late notice for dates and horrible airfares meant only Chad went out of town).  We started by heading over to the coast right after dropping Chad off at SFO bright and early at 6am (or should we say dark and early?)
and then worked our way south, stopping whenever we felt like it was time to run around again.

We stayed up too late watching a movie that night, then slept in to be ready for phase two of the weekend:  a micro-backpacking trip up to Black Mountain.   The fact that there was even a spot available at the last minute on a holiday weekend, given the proximity to a major metropolitan area, just goes to show how lazy people are.  A mere 1.5 mile hike to camp is clearly too much...but it was our gain.  One has good views of both the Bay and the ocean from the top as the sun sets.

Now it's time to retrieve Chad, who hopefully also enjoyed his weekend.  Maybe things will settle down for a bit?  Not likely (camping later this month, mountain bike adventure in Downieville in October, some sort of anniversary getaway in November, likely desert camping for Thanksgiving, trip to WA around the holidays, and who knows what else crammed in between...)

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