Friday, January 17, 2014

Grandparents in the Fog

Last weekend, while Bill and Faith were here, we planned a hike up to the top of Black Mountain.  Since the normal trails were on the long-ish side, I cleverly planned ahead and got a permit to park at the top of Montebello Road, making it an easy climb of 500 ft over two miles on a dirt road that is in good enough shape that I sometimes ride my road bike on it.

I couldn't, however, cleverly plan the weather.  It was gorgeous the week previous, and it's back to 70F and sunny this week, but we got fog over the weekend, making it hard to see the normal views of the Bay in one direction and the ocean in the other.

Can you tell Faith is near the summit?

It was interesting photogenic fog that changed every couple of minutes, at least.

Despite being a bit tired, Nim was still cute

and goofy! I declined to piggyback her all the way down (95lb is TOO MUCH for that)

One hopes that grandparents had a good time.  It looks like they did.

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