Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Year

To celebrate New Years' Day, we headed out on a family bike ride on the levees in the edge of the bay near Alviso.

Nimue is now big enough to have stolen/inherited my mountain bike.  I think that means I get a new one at some point.  As it is, I can ride my commute bike on much of the terrain I would mountain bike on locally.

Nim actually smiled while riding with Chad.  That is, before she got tired...

We also inadvertently investigated Drawbridge, the Bay Area's only ghost town.  A few buildings on stilts can still be seen in the marsh near where Coyote Creek enters the bay --  all that is left of a collection of 90 buildings that comprised a thriving railroad town back in the day.

(I've seen this before, but there was a new interpretive plaque, so now we know why there are weird old buildings out in the mud.)

A good start to the New Year.

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