Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 lb 2.7 oz

Tacks on the road in three separate corners of Old Santa Cruz Highway this morning.  How rude.  I avoided them, but saw several other cyclists who did not, so I felt compelled to pick them all up on my way back down the hill.

All told,  5 lb 2.7 oz of tacks.  That's almost as much as the kiddo when she was born.  I may have missed a couple, so call it a baby's worth.

Or 2346 grams, with an average weight of 1.4 grams each.  1676 tacks.  Almost as many tacks as feet of elevation gain on this relatively modest 20 mile ride.

1676 tacks.  20-30 minutes of tack picking-up.  About a tack a second.

Very full pockets.  More than 5 lb of tacks.

Clearly, I need to melt them all down and make dinosaurs (also seen on ride).

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