Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jasper Ridge

As a side benefit to volunteering with MROSD, I got in on a wildflower walk at Jasper Ridge last weekend.  We seem to have just missed the peak at that location, but there were still many nice blooms.  Here are a few for you to enjoy:

First, there was grass (good native grasses).
 We gradually found some blooms.
Close-up of the goldfields which form a yellow carpet when they are happy.
Silver puff.
 A new serpentine-soil-loving plant for me to remember: california plantain (the fuzzy white and green flowers with the red dots).  Not sure what the pink thing is (maybe a red maid); the tiny yellow ones are hill lotus, and the little five-petalled white ones are linanthus.
Nice fairy lantern in the sun.
 Spring California hillside.

And, I've definitely not missed the wildflower peak elsewhere, given that Nim and I counted 37 different species on a short hike at Coe the other weekend and the number of brilliant orange poppies I saw as I rode along Skyline this morning.  Might just have to go on a hike tomorrow...

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