Monday, August 10, 2015

Playing in Washington

As a brief respite from the giant pile of road trip vacation photos, here are a few highlights from our recent trip to Washington.

As you may recall, I accidentally signed us up to ride RAMROD this year, so a couple of weeks ago, we flew up to WA to seem my parents, see my brother and his family, and do the ride.  Some pictoral highlights:

Nimue got to go to the lavender farm,

drive Murray the lawn tractor,

and play with her cousins.

We did the big ride around Mt. Rainier.  You will note 148 miles.  With big hills.  It was actually a well-supported, lovely ride, aside from the last 30 or so miles into a hot headwind at the end.  I might have counted the last big climb in the near-hundred-degree heat as a sufferfest too, but for the tube sock full of ice given to me to stuff down the back of my jersey halfway up.  Sheer brilliance.

I was planning on taking 14 hours, secretly hoping for 13.  We did it in 12!  As did the oldest rider on the course, at age 77 (we played leapfrog with him all day).  Sounds like a good strategy to emulate: Age stringy and tough rather than soft.

12 hours total including stops, a little less than ten and a half hours riding time.  Chad could have gone a lot faster, I'm sure, but he rode with me for much of it :)

If you want to get more of a flavor of the event, see pictures taken by a couple of the volunteers here and here, and a highlights video here.  Kudos to the Redmond Cycling Club for putting together a top-notch event!

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