Monday, August 10, 2015

Tour of the West: Mud!!

Even in the hot dry southwest, we found mud in the bottom of some of the slot canyons we played in.  Maybe it is the drought coloring my opinion, but mud is just fun stuff.
It dries into interesting patterns.

You can write messages in it.

You can pretend chunks are large cookies

while your kid looks on amused.

Best of all, the mud in this particular canyon on this particular day (Buckskin Gulch, near the confluence with Wire Pass, at the end of June) exhibited a range of viscosity that was just amusing when impacted with projectiles.  Crazy clay impact craters are fun!

Alas, certain parties didn't want other parties to get back into the truck fully encrusted with mud, so we stopped short of wading through the potentially waist-deep pools of the stuff.

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