Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grandparental Visit

It's raining again today, which reminds me of recent rainy weekends, which reminds me that I have a backlog of pictures and things that haven't been posted yet.  So here we go, back to January, when Bill and Faith came to visit.  We did find some sunshine on one day, so managed to get out for a short hike up on the flanks of Mt. Umunhum; the sky was dramatic (for around here) and Chad took somegood pictures.

Looking up toward the peak.  The trail to the top is supposed to open up towards the end of this year.

Chad spotted an appropriate carving on an old madrone.  I didn't see this until looking at the pictures this morning.


At the end of Bald Mountain Trail

 View down toward the reservoirs to the south

Grandad and Nim and the clouds


Gran, with her most excellent cane.

We all enjoyed the January sunshine.

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