Thursday, March 10, 2016


We've also gotten a bit of skiing in over the last couple of months, since it decided to start precipitating in California again after dismal output of the last couple of years.  So far this year, we've hit a range of conditions.  All of them good :)

Backcountry skiing up near Yuba Pass.

Kiddo forgot her sunglasses and had to borrow my headband to use as an eye shield.  She thought I was nuts to suggest it until she put it on.

Good thing we recently replaced the worn-out truck tires; they were useful on the drive over to Sugarbowl.

Lots of snow at Stephan's cabin.

Enough powder in which to faceplant.

Completely protected from the elements.

 Chilly kid uses the sleeping bag to transform herself into a grub.

Speaking of grub, the traditional raclette feast.  Note the big plate of cheese on the right side of the table.

The sun came out!

The other vaguely amusing part of the most recent trip was that my downhill ski boot decided to fail after 19 years of faithful service.  I looked down at my foot after having an uncharacteristically uncoordinated set of turns, only to note that the outer plastic shell at the front of the boot had fractured all the way down the side.  Hmmm....there's the problem.  I never realized the exterior of the boot liner was bright red until I saw it peeking through the break in the purple outer shell.  Fortunately, the boot held together long enough to get down off the trail, and I had already been considering getting new boots from the shop next to where we were planning to have lunch.  Chad and Nimue got burritos; I got fancy new boots thermoformed to my feet.  I just have to keep telling myself that they will last for the next 20 years, lest I feel guilty.  (And yes, we did joke in the ski shop about just slapping on some duct tape...)

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