Friday, April 21, 2017

Playing in the Wonderland of Rocks

How can you not like an area named "The Wonderland of Rocks"?  This region is located near Indian Cove; we explored a bit of it by heading up the wash that leads into Rattlesnake Canyon.  There's no official trail here -- you just get to poke around and play :)

Boulders on the approach hint at the fun to come.

We started in a sandy wash.  Even there, there were a few hints of water.

Such improbable boulder positioning.

It was bright out, so kiddo kept averting her eyes, but she was clearly having fun.

Monkey face!

Clever monkey finds shade.

There was a nice little slot canyon with running water to play in.

There were also quite a few plants blooming even among the rocks.

And frogs doing unmentionable things.  Nim was amused that they could hop around and swim while also otherwise occupied.

We like the rocks.  I also have to admit a partiality for hikes without real trails.

And that's all for this vacation!  Stay tuned for this summer's trip:  The Tour of the Cascade Volcanoes.  Planning now in process :)

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