Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Truckster on Spring Break

I'm sorting through all the pictures from our spring break trip to Joshua Tree this morning while waiting for the guy from AT&T to come fix the droopy phone line in our back yard.  As usual, the pictures will come in batches.

First up:  The Truckster.

It looks ridiculous sitting in a suburban driveway when it's all loaded up for adventure.  Yet one more way to convince the neighbors we are insane. (Just wait until we get the winch...)

It fits in somewhat better by the little market outside of Joshua Tree. (Said market, by the way, has cold popsicles, an excellent beer selection, lots of ice, camping fuel, and salt with which to make a saltwater bath for your toe after you stab it on a yucca plant and it tries to get infected.)

It definitely looks happy off of the paved road (Carrizo Plain, in this case)

and at our campsite at Indian Cove.

This didn't stop Chad from checking out the alternative transport options we found near the Wall Street Mill.

Why the big frown?

Either it was his best geezer impression, or he noticed a problem with the tire.

Nim, learning to drive.  (You actually could move the gear shift mechanism on this one!)

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