Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Familiar territory

Chad noticed the other day that he recognized the name of the start town of stage 10 of the Tour de France this year.  Perigueux is the town where we made the final train transfer onto the teeny-weeny local train that took us and our bikes to Les Eyzies for the start of our Dordogne bike tour in 2012.  Lo and behold, the riders will go right through many of the towns we visited.

Here you can see our week's riding through the same territory (in red) compared to the race route set for July 11 (in purple).  It'll be fun to watch the scenery go by for this stage, even though it is one of those relatively boring flat stages where nothing much happens in the GC competition.  The backdrop, however, isn't boring.  Too bad for the riders that they won't get to go to the interesting bits: the caves, castles, churches, fortresses, etc.  They probably also won't choose to consume the same amount of foie gras, cheese, wine, nougat, and absolutely delicious bread as we did!

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