Wednesday, June 21, 2017

week of "Camp Ma"

Every summer, there seems to be a slow week where Nim and I just goof off.  The year, it was last week.  We managed to:

1.  Go to the climbing gym, only to find that it was infested with a large noisy kid camp.  Climbed anyway; Nim ended up going on some of the taller walls :)

2.  Take Sebastian (with Stephan) on his first-ever mountain bike ride.  He did awesome and reportedly told Stephan "Chasing a high-schooler up the hill will make you strong!"  Stephan now knows the secret dirt route down the train tracks to the closest park with mountain biking, so they too can ride from home.  A good piece of work.

3.  Mountain bike again at Arastradero in the crazy heat.

4. Discover that the new heating element that Chad put in the dishwasher is hotter than the old one.  Poor, poor plastic cutting board.

5. Mount a train expedition to San Francisco.  We walked about six miles from the train station through Chinatown and North Beach to the aquarium, and then back along the Embarcadero to the train after seeing the fishies.

6.  Pack and test gear for her backpacking camp this week.  It's very hard to catch a clear shot of a just-fed kid dancing around the block in the dark after dinner...

Now that Nim is off in camp, her cat is most unamused.  Don't worry, she will be back!

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